About Transport DSquare

Company profile

Dsquare Montréal was opened by two young entrepreneurs in 2006, with both parents being in the transportation industries all their lives, both Christopher Doutre and Martin Deragon decided to follow suit within their parent’s footsteps.

Offering six acre terminal for empty/loaded storage, M+R to look after any repairs and lastly a modern fleet of trucks & chassis for on-time deliveries.

In July 2012, Dsquare opened up their terminal in Toronto to provide the one-two punch in the Montréal - Toronto corridor. With our outstanding customer service and our knowledge in the trucking industry, we are able to offer you a better container transport service.

DSquare is all about on-time performance and providing our customers with top-notch service by offering a solution to any logistical problem that our clients may encounter.

Our core values


Customer service

Providing high quality transportation services and outstanding customer service to all of our clients.

Safety & Quality

Invest in our employees to provide better service. Safety as top priority in ensuring the work procedures.

Latest Technology

Investing in technology to provide fast, accurate and cost-effective container transportation service.

Care for Environment

Setup the highest industry standards for environment protection by investing in our equipment.

Providing first-class container transportation services.

We are proud of our reputation as a safe, reliable and quality transportation provider. Our staff is always available to respond to your questions regarding your shipments, our ratings and value added services.

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